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Nabisco Boycott 2019.jpg

Last year, a majority of Mondelēz International shareholders voted ‘NO’ on CEO Dirk Van de Put’s $42 million compensation package. Unfortunately, the CEO pay package grew anyway. As of May, 2019 it is 489 times larger than their median employee pay, which decreased 28% in the same time frame.

Nabisco workers in Mexico earn as little as 97 cents per hour, while their CEO takes home $42 million and the corporation profits in the billions. Those wages aren’t just low, they’re #OreoLow.

BCTGM Union Local 19 supports the Nabisco 600 Workers confronting Mondelēz-Nabisco at the annual shareholders meeting May 15, 2019. We DEMAND to know: How many years can this go on? When will the company reform its executive pay and stop the exploitation of Nabisco workers worldwide?

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