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General Member Benefits & Info

BCTGM Local Union

  • Negotiates and enforces your contract

  • Settles your grievances

  • Organizes the unorganized

  • Participates on all levels of the political process

  • Gives workers job protection

  • Keeps you informed, holds meetings

  • Holds stewards’ training classes

  • Supports fair labor legislation

  • Refers members to expert legal advice for their personal protection

  • Acts in your best interest with the community as well as management

  • Provides strength in numbers


Referral Programs

  • Community services

  • United Way

  • Programs for members in need


Benefit Funds

  • Health Insurance

  • Pensions

  • Optical

  • Dental

  • Prescription

  • Disability Income


BCTGM Power Benefits
(for members only)

  • BCTGM Power Mastercard

  • BCTGM Mortgage Program

  • BCTGM Loan Program

  • BCTGM Legal Services Plan

  • BCTGM Life Insurance

BCTGM Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Award Program is open to Participants (including retirees) and eligible dependents planning to enter college or a recognized technical or vocational post-secondary school for the first time following graduation. Visit the CER Fund tab on our website for more information. Call Pat Thomas at the CER Fund 216-503-6110, or visit the BCTGM's web site at to obtain an application.


Where Your Dues Go

  • Expenses to represent members

  • Negotiating of contracts with employers

  • Taking members complaints through legal processes

  • Arbitration expenses

  • Other legal fees

  • Organizing

  • Rent, supplies and equipment

  • Networking with other workers in the community and the country

  • Printing and postage of educational materials

  • Research

  • Legislative coordination

  • Education programs


For More Information

Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers
International Union
10401 Connecticut Ave.
Kensington, MD 20895
(301) 933-8600


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